Friday, May 2, 2008

Megan's Coming!

My best friend from home is coming to visit pretty soon and take in on Graduation celebrations, I am so excited! Megan is Canadian and went back to Canada for college. We see eachother once a year or so but she has never come to Texas. I am really curious as to what she will think when she gets here. She has never met any of my friends and I must my friends here are quite different from my friends at home. Megan has remarked I see different to her than I used to, but I wonder what she will think when she gets here.
I know when I started at SMU I HATED it was miserable. I decided to stick it out and I am glad I did, but I too think I have changed a lot from when I began. I am from Boulder Colorado which is a pretty small relaxed somewhat hippie town. Dallas is well somewhat pretentious and quite a lot bigger with quite different politics. SMU is its own world completely!
I have had a lot of fun over the past few years but there are some things I never have gotten used to. I still don't understand the whole trend of weighing 100 pounds dying your hair blonde and loading yourself down with designer accessories. But at the same time you can't live somewhere and not pick a little of it up.
I have always tried to remain myself, but it is hard especially in these years of change growing into adulthood. I think I still have my head on my shoulders but at the same time I don't think I even know who I really am.
This summer I am going to India, something I thought about pulling out from. I have decided to go and try to discover myself a little bit. I am fairly introverted and don't make new friends too easily. I have always been a little annoyed by most people and have never truly had the k knack for striking up conversations and sharing myself with others. I am planning to go on this trip and in my spare time find me. I want to take some time to see what really makes me tick. What I honestly like and enjoy versus what I think I like. It should be quite a trip.
Megan coming is quite exciting, but a little odd to me. To have someone come into your environment and experience it when you aren't even that sure of what is up is odd to say the least. I hope she enjoys herself. I can't wait for her to come.

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