Thursday, May 1, 2008

Preference Activity

So I was just looking for new writing activities online and I found this really simple one. Write down your favorite three books, movies, and music (well I am not really musical so I will pick a new topic) beverages.
Movies: Being There, Emma, and Defending Your Life
Books: Weiland, Choke, and East of Eden
Beverages: water, cranberry juice, and lattes
So I am doing this activity as I type so the next step is to try to find similarities in the genres.
I like books that follow one individual's life closely and in detail. The books themselves are realistic funny and sad at the same time. My movie choices are character studies as well with the exception of Defending Your Life which examines what may happen after death in a humorous and different way. My favorite drinks are all natural I guess, real maybe? When I look at my choices it appears I like wholesome, natural, and realistic things. I suppose it comes down to the fact that I wonder about life in real time terms, I’m not much of a fantasy person nor adventure really. My interests seem to point to more of an interest in psychology and how things work, why and not so much about what maybe, could be, or isn't.
What does someone else see? It's a fun exercise if nothing else try it on yourself!

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