Friday, May 2, 2008

Saving Money in Moments?

So this is pretty cool! By slowing down airplanes just a little bit and adding one to three minutes to a flight airlines can save a ton of gas!
"On one Northwest Airlines flight from Paris to Minneapolis earlier this week alone, flying slower saved 162 gallons of fuel, saving the airline $535. It added eight minutes to the flight, extending it to eight hours, 58 minutes."
Saving fuel isn't just good for the pocketbook of the airline, it's good for the environment (well as much as flying can be in the first place) it saves the sky of some pollution. I guess JetBule began slowing down flights by just two minutes two years ago and estimates they have saved $13.6 million. What's also good is if fuel charges go down, ticket prices go down too! And it works in your car too, if you just slow down a little bit you will save yourself a few gallons and have a litle extra money to celebrate with!

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