Friday, February 8, 2008

A Reason To Like McDonalds...

Ok so for the most part I think McDonalds is gross and bad for you as far as how greasy it is, and arteries clogging, on and on. Tonight McDonalds managed to reposition themselves in my mind, so much as to write about it. For some reason I had a craving for the McNuggets I had as a kid. Being the extremely demanding and picky consumer I am I decided I only wanted them if they were REALLY hot and fresh. I looked up the closest McDonalds number and asked them when the last batch of nuggets were made. They told me they were rotated every twenty minutes, but didn’t know when the last batch was made. I was asked how many I wanted and how far away I lived. I drove to the McDonalds and walked in thinking I would have to wait or give up, yet they surprised me. They were pulling the nuggets out of the fryer at the moment in the exact quantity I had said I wanted. Not only did they respond to a question with an action they gave me the nuggets ON THE HOUSE and even offered to make it a value meal! I was surprised since I tend to think of McDonald’s as a non-service type of factory but they really went out of their way to satisfy me. I did a research project last semester on McDonalds consumers (mostly because I didn’t understand why people ate thee as regularly as they did) and learned how loyal they were. I never truly understood why. I still think of McDonalds as junk food but tonight they repositioned themselves in my mind. I now see them as a truly service company who has been smart enough to localize themselves in every market they enter with good service. I never thought I would be writing a great review for McDonalds but here I am, a little greasier but happy.

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