Sunday, March 2, 2008

Character Creation

Ever wondered how to create a character for a story? Here is one way, and it really does make you think in detail. Here is a photograph of a woman from a magazine. From looking at the photo I have decided who she is and imagined what she must be like.

Miranda is a 32 year old heterosexual caucasion woman.
She is 5'4, 105 pounds, very thin/petite frame. Her eyes are blue, she has fair skin, her hair is chestnut with touches of red. Her voice is small and soft. She has small hands and is right handed. Her steps are small and light, when hurried she nearly leaps, her gate is graceful and smooth. Miranda stands very straight her posture is perfect, when she speaks you you she leans in slightly so her voice and be heard. She dresses simply yet keeps up with what is in fashion. When at home Miranda changes in to comfortable yoga clothing.

Miranda was born in a small town in Maine, she graduated college from Georgetown and still lives in D.C. Her fater Phil is a fisherman and has been his whole life, her mother Joan works as a dental hygenist. Miranda has two brothers william 30 and Elliot 27. Miranda is single without children. Her bestfriends names are Violet, 31 a friend from youth forward and Adam, 29 who is a dancer. As a child Miranda had always dreamed of living in the city thought it would be so exciting.

Miranda has an Accounting degree and dabbled in ballet. She works as an accountant in Washington and teaches a ballet class to a group of children on the weekends. She makes about 60,000 a year and pulls in some extra money from dance classes and the occasional preformance.

Leisure:In her free time Miranda joggs in the park, takes yoga classes, dances ballet, finds herself absorbed in crosswords, and she has a fondness for movies which make her cry. She is a healthy woman - she loves red meat but tries not to eat it because she percieves it as bad for her. Her absolute favorites are black coffee and blueberries. Miranda has had a reoccuring dream since she was a child of a unicorn wisking her away to the stars to take her dancing. Her musical preferences are jazz, classical. She loves old movies and Murder mysteries. When she is at home she usually has CN on even if she is not watching it.

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