Thursday, March 13, 2008


Here is an idea that has proven successful in Germany, I wonder how it would go over here in the U.S.?
"A German bar has come up with the perfect answer for women who like to shop in peace without the stress of moaning partners - a kindergarten for men.For a mere $11.80 a woman can dump her husband at the Noxbar in downtown Hamburg, while she can get on with her shopping.The woman can shop till she drops in the city's attractive boutiques, while her man is kept fully occupied and amused at the play pen for grown ups.The men are given a name badge and treated to a hot meal, two beers, televised football and games. Two trained 'nurses' are on hand to look after them. There are also plans in the pipeline to introduce miniature car racing.The 'Maennergarten' has proved a big hit in Hamburg and could be the start of a whole new movement across Germany and the rest of the world, to take the stress out of shopping for both sexes.Demand was very brisk in the first week of opening, no less than 27 women got rid of their partners there on Saturday. They are allowed leave the men there until 6 pm before collecting them to help carry the shopping home.The idea for the men's crèche came from a female customer who was too stressed shopping with her husband and wanted a way to shop in peace."
I guess I don't quite understand why the husband wouldn't just stay home while his wife shopped. It's actually a funny solution for women who don't want to deal with their husbands while shopping.

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