Friday, March 28, 2008

The Newest Rage

The shoes to the left are one of the newest rages in Japan these days, talk about the pain of fashion! They look like torture devises to me, why would anyone ever want to wear these shoes! The heels are so high and you are waking on your toes, I would think that would be dangerous. can't imagine how long it would take for someone to get used to walking in those things, days I am sure. I think if I were to wear those shoes I would fall over and meet my death. It's funny the lengths people will go to just to be fashionable. I wonder if anyone has been injured yet, I remember a few years ago a woman in I believe Japan fell off her super-high heels and died. I wonder if they will eventually make it illegal to sell shoes which are a risk to someone’s life, maybe it's not a bad idea I'm sure it would be nearly impossible to pass though.

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