Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Room With A View

I just returned from Spring Break in Florence. I was a lovely trip filled with walks, window shopping, art galleries, and fabulous dining! I took this picture from the window of my hotel room; it was a great view to say the least! My mother and had a great time it's so nice to get away for a while. We even made friends in Italy with two designers from a boutique; they are funny guys. One of the things that struck me while we were there is the huge population of American students studying abroad. Sadly I did not feel like they represented our country well at all. They were for the most part rude and extremely loud. No one was trying to speak Italian nor did they seem to have any interest in Italy. I overheard multiple conversations in restaurants that the students were having (partly because of how loud they were) and they were often spouting incorrect facts about history, art, and politics. It just seems strange to me that you would go to a foreign country disregard their culture and generally give a terrible reputation to American students it general.

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