Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ever Wonder If Our Phones Will Be Too Advanced For Us?

Just a few days ago I had to buy a new phone. I was looking at phones that looked exactly the same just varied in price, when I asked what was really different between the phones I learned about MP3 players and even more advanced MP3 player phones. I really don't spend too much time on my cell but I have to admit I too feel that lost and longing feeling when I forget my phone at home for the evening. Being the first generation of true cell dependents I know the attachment that comes with owning a cell phone. I scares me a little bit that we a leaping so quickly technologically, pretty soon I won’t be able to function without a phone! This video is just a few highlights of the things we will be without when our cells get lost for the weekend.

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Jogger said...

Very funny.

Can it be used as a telephone?