Wednesday, January 23, 2008


"Do I feel bad when I hurt someone? Yeah, sometimes. But mostly it's just like… uh… (laughs). I mean, how did you feel the last time you squashed a fly?" –Unnamed rapist/kidnapper

I just read an article about Psychopaths, not just violent ones, the successful ones as well. I really is a very interesting article and there is a link to it below. They are generally characterized as people who have high iq's, lack empathy, are impulsive, and are superficially charming. Not all psychopaths want to cause harm; they just don't mind doing it. I can imagine being a person who just doesn't understand fear or care about anyone. They don’t hold themselves accountable for anything and deflect fault on to others. They are often who you would pick to run of political office, or to manage a company. They are often the most popular member of a social circle with both men and women. Only 20% of a prison is made up of psychopaths and they are seen as failed psychopaths because they failed and got caught. So although you don’t usually think of psychopaths holding 9 to 5 jobs they do, and they often succeed. If you think you or someone you know is a psychopath you can even take a small quiz in the article. So next time you admire someone from afar and are envious of their charm and popularity maybe think twice as having them for your best friend!

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