Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Poetry in Translation

For a creative writing class I took a while ago we were given an assignment where we looked at a poem in a foreign language and translated it to English. We were to look at the words and white what they reminded us of. The poem did not need to make sense at the end. I found the poem which was written in Italian and re-did the exercise this is what I came up with...

So often each spat not after stress
Sank each then blink under valor angst
Do know it's plots she weighed for mirror sends
Under my bleak mucle all then weighed
And mustn't sense
We do not want mere denotation, good luck at their last.

Think twice, you guest that drowns shed not
My circumstance I've selected their inputs
And guess not gold, under life so ends us!
And dine shunned, club your smarts
The wind splits fresh mitigation, die not her practicality
You ghost under guise, find night not house.

It's actually quite a fun little activity, well worth trying.

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