Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Fibonacci Exercise

Here is a creative writing exercise I did using a Fibonacci Sequence. You arrive at the Fibonacci Sequence through a method of adding the previous two terms. Starting with 1, and adding the two previous terms to get each successive term, we end up with a sequence that looks like this: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55,... Each new part in the writing exercise has the number of sentences dictated by the sequence. Another twist is I had to use 6 random words throughout the words were ' trollop' 'dancing' 'lights fantastic' 'card' 'fatigue' and 'gaunt'

Why not sad trolop, your days are not through.
Keep dancing the way you always have. Though haggard from the years there is still more in store for you.
Your feet have not yet tired. Only a harlot could trip the lights fantastic the way you do. Your soles still shuffle as quickly as a deck of cards. Prance about from one man to the next, who can tell you it's not right?
Body worn and joints aching, you can still fool most. Though scraggly and gaunt the blush has not yet faded from your cheeks. Your step is that of a young bar-girl. A doctorate in the oldest profession is what you have my dear. You are still making money, and you know what that means.
You've still got it! You can still find a man who pays for the night. So why not smile and move your feet a little lighter as you wander the bar. Though fatigued by the years, no one has to know. Just keep dancing. A hustler to the end is what you are. Worry not the end is not near. So find a handsome Lance, one you're sure to please.
Wink at the man as he takes your hand. Remember to smile and flatter. Skip around a little bit before you give him what he's after. Take him upstairs and give him a dance only a professional could. Let him shuffle you for as long as he pays, then let him go. Be proud of yourself for your wonton work, and prepare for the next. Cruise the room, chat some more, have another drink. You still have years to go. Many more years of haggard dancing. Though your profession deemed the lowest, sigh not. For you sweet trollop do it well. So rejoice in work well done. And remember to keep dancing!

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