Friday, April 25, 2008

Interesting Opinion

I just finished reading Mark Barden's new AdAge article "Be a 'David' and do More with Less" and it is interesting . The article says that economic uncertainty should make marketers challenge other products and brands. Here where some suggestions. Instead of cutting advertising costs try cheap new media forms, like method soap creating an ad on its product instead of elsewhere. Start a fight, like Miller did when it called Bud tasteless. Take advertising personally, by grabbing hold of peoples personal beliefs you can do a lot you can challenge people.
I thought this was interesting because with all the ad clutter and the recession it is harder to sell products. If you challenge someone (at least in America) they often pick up the challenge. If you tell an American they aren't doing something like Nike "just do it" they take the challenge and DO something. I had never thought of advertising as being challenging outside of comparative ads really, but it makes a lot of sense. These tactics may not work in other places in the world but Barden has a good point, at least in many categories. I mean even Kleenex kind of picked up this mentality by having people crying on couches being interviewed (you don't cry enough). Just and Interesting article that made me think a little.

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