Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Yet Another Case of People Who Should Not Be Allowed To Have Kids

Meet Josef Fritzl who admits to raping his daughter and fathering her seven children, sounds like a stand up guy right?
Mr. Fritzl forced his daughter under the influence of drugs and handcuffed into their cellar, where he kept her for over twenty years. He claimed she ran away from home although she was hidden in the basement all the time.
Some of the children he allowed to stay with her in basement to watch their mother tortured and repeatedly raped. Others he would leave on his front doorstep for him and his wife to later adopt.
When one of the children on the brink of death was taken to the hospital recently, Fritzl's misdeeds were finally uncovered.

I cannot even believe how sick and twisted this is. Not only was he unfit to have one kid and should have been stopped-- he had seven more! His wife who lived with him the whole time never seemed to notice. Tenants in the house thought his behavior was odd and heard noises from the basement but never contacted the authorities. I know this man has serious mental problems, but those close to him should have taken note and tried to take some action! It's awful to hear about how cruel humans can be to one another, especially to their own children.

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